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´╗┐Colorful career matches Sager By DENNIS MAFFEZZOLICraig Sager just completed his 21st season as sideline reporter for TNT's exclusive Thursday night NBA doubleheader coverage and also makes several appearances on NBA TV. The Fort Myers Miracle of the Florida State League recently had a Craig Sager Bobblehead Night in honor of the former sports director for WINK TV. Known for his bright, colorful jackets, Sager began his broadcasting career in 1972 in Sarasota at WXLT TV. After a journey from a speaking engagement in Colorado to Orlando to NBA Draft in Brooklyn to his night in Fort Myers to Los Angeles for a commercial shoot with Chris Paul of the Los Angeles Clippers, we caught up with Sager after he touched down in Atlanta. Q:What do you do in the offseason? A:We own NBA TV, so we're basically on year round. I oversee the Sports Executive Leadership Conference and was at The Broadmoor in Colorado Springs last Sunday and Monday. Monday and Tuesday shot a commercial with Chris Paul for Nike in Los Angeles. I hope to run in Peach Tree Road Race (on the Fourth of July) and hopefully play golf. Q:What did you think of your bobblehead? A:It was fantastic. I collect bobbleheads. I've always liked bobbleheads. When they told me they were going to make one for me, I was flattered and honored. I thought it was great. Q:What is your prize possession bobblehead (besides the one of yourself)? A:I have one they made for Kevin Durant his first year in Seattle. There was one with gold shoes and it was very rare, one of the first ones. I was lucky to get that one. I've got a Hank Aaron. I have a Chicago Cubs one from the late '50s. That's the one that's the most precious. Q:How many bobbleheads do you have? A:Oh my, geez, 400. Q:When did you start with the flashy jackets? A:Probably in Sarasota. I was working at WSPB radio in Sarasota. . 95 dollars a week. I was also a bartender at Big Daddy's. I wanted to get into TV. I needed to do a resume tape. I really didn't have a sports coat. So I went to a thrift shop or Goodwill Store in Sarasota. They had this unbelievable blue, white and yellow seersucker suit. The thing was gorgeous. That's what I used for my resume tape I have a picture of it here, too. When I had nike 3m jacket my interview at Channel 10 in Tampa for the weatherman's job, I did my audition tape with this suit on. The camera kept fluttering and they couldn't focus. They liked what I did and said, 'Congratulations, you have the job. But you could never wear that suit again.' I asked why, and they said, 'Because the cameras cannot focus on it.' I kind of always liked it. So I did the same thing in Fort Myers because I was outside all the time. And then went to Kansas City where it was drab, so I kind of tried to liven things up. And then I went to CNN and they told me we were trying to establish ourselves on Wall Street and New York. You've got to dress like Wall Street. I weaseled my way from CNN to TBS and TNT to get into sports. I've always tried to be lively. And I feel more comfortable that way. Q:How many jackets border on the outrageous? A:Oh geez. Somebody from the Atlanta Journal Constitution came over and they counted up to 137 and they quit. I said, 'Wait. I've got some more in another room.' They said that was enough. I said, 'Can't I bring my own?' They said they have to be approved by the client. Why would they ask me to do a nike shoes janoski commercial if they don't want me to be me? I took four outfits, three I had made and my favorite one, one I had made at REX Fabrics in Miami. I've been saving it for a special occasion. This thing is gorgeous. It's supposed to be drapes for The Broadmoor in Colorado. But I loved it and had a sport coat made, and I've been saving it. Chris asked me what I was wearing. I told him I had this one, nike shoes promo code but it might be too much. He said, 'I never heard you talk that way. Too much for you?' I put it on. It's blue and white. It kind of shines. It's an unbelievable fabric. It glitters. It has this bling in it. The girl in wardrobe they hired in Hollywood thought it was fantastic. So I knew once she liked it, it would be good. Once Chris saw it, he thought it was wonderful. It was a one and done. Q:How did you get involved in basketball? A:I walked on at Northwestern. I always liked the game. I played some European ball after Northwestern, but I figured with a Northwestern degree I better get to work first.