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´╗┐Employer Engagement The Colby Career Center offers a variety of services and resources to assist students in their post graduate job search. Students can participate in on campus recruiting, utilize our online resources including employment postings, or attend related workshop programming.The nike clearance length of every job search varies, as described on the Job Search Timelines page. The Career Center urges students to start early by completing the checklist under "Step 1: Preparation" on the Job Search 101 page as soon as possible, and to make an appointment with an advisor in the Career Center to discuss post graduate plans.Announcing an Assessment Tool that Connects You to EmployersPymetrics is a free skills assessment and exploration tool that uses games based on neuroscience research to reveal career options best suited for your abilities. This is a great and fun way to find out what job functions are best for you. Challenge yourself, and take the games seriously with full time and attention for best results. A career report will highlight skills, and your pymetrics profile will be connected to employers based on your results. These are not games. All results provide a positive, beneficial assessment of your work abilities.A common question students ask is when to begin their job search. Unfortunately, there isn't one answer to this question. Everyone's search is different, as is every employer. Timelines vary widely even within the same industry. Regardless, it's important to plan ahead to assure you don't miss out on opportunities. There are employers who will be nike s p ch hiring in advance, though the majority hire only as needed, which can be very unpredictable. Review the information below on both categories for more information.It is also important to designate sufficient time for your job search. It is a good idea to think about your job search as a class, without an exam. If you typically designate 4 5 hours a week to prepare for a class that is what you should designate for your job search.There are employers who are able to anticipate their entry level hiring needs months in advance. These companies are in the minority, and are by no means representative of the range of entry level opportunities that will be available to graduating seniors.Employers who participate in theOn Campus Recruitingprogram fall into the advanced hiring category. ly speaking, the majority of employers who come to campus in the fall semester are seeking candidates for full time opportunities (except for competitive summer internships in finance). Others will come to campus early in the spring semester as well to hire entry level candidates and for internships.In addition to On Campus Recruiting, there are employers and organizations that have established 1 2 year opportunities or programs. In the non profit sector these are sometimes referred to as fellowships, or may also be listed as internships. Some well known examples of fixed term programs in the non profit sector are Teach for America, AmeriCorps and the Peace Corps. Other sectors may have established fixed term programs, sometimes referred to as leadership development programs or rotational programs.The application deadlines vary depending on the opportunity; some have one deadline per year, typically late fall or early spring, while larger programs may have multiple deadlines throughout the year.The majority of employers across all sectors for profit, non profit, and government fall into this category. Most employers hire when someone leaves or when the company or organization is growing. When positions become available, employers often want to fill the opening quickly; if a position becomes available in February, most employers will not be able to hold it open nike shoes india until June when a graduating student is available to begin working. But that doesn't mean you can't or shouldn't start your job search early.Building relationships through networking takes time, and your goal should be to develop a well established and far reaching network before positions become available to assure you learn about opportunities. Even if you're primarily targeting industries or employers who don't hire in advance, you should be working on your job search throughout your senior year. Growing your network and gaining industry knowledge over the course of the year will be more manageable and more productive. Networking entails contacting everyone you know and asking for advice, information, and job leads, as well as developing new relationships to increase your knowledge base and to explore possibilities.Not sure how to approach people you don't know? Draft an e mail or letter to one of your potential contacts and bring it by the Career Center during Drop Ins or make an appointment with an advisor for help proofreading your correspondence, as well as to discuss strategy.