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´╗┐Sister questions police progress in search for her missing brother Sacoulas wants to know why search dogs were not sent to sniff for him, and why she cannot get answers from police about why the search has stopped, she said. Murincsak has worked at Wal Mart two years and lives with his sister on Shaffer Road in Princeton. Sacoulas said he takes medication for bipolar disorder. Sacoulas worries he suffered from depression after their father's death in March. He told her Saturday, "You're all I have left," she remembered. He changed his clothes, had his usual glass of milk and cookies, and said he was going to bed. from the state police, saying his truck was parked on the bridge. She checked his room, found he was gone and drove to the area. She said police called her on her cell phone, and told her she would have to move the truck because it was a safety hazard. Although police have not continued their search since Sunday, Sacoulas said she learned from a trooper yesterday that a helicopter had flown over the area again Monday. The police are asking that anyone who sees Murincsak contact them at (724) 598 2211. Station commander Lt. Thomas Hill could not be reached for comment before deadline this morning. Sgt. Gary Schuler, who accepted a second call from The News today, said he feels nike quarter zip the state police are being "harassed" because a reporter and Sacoulas had called the station this morning about the case. He said he was not involved in the case, and when told of Sacoulas' concern about the search, he responded, "and of course you believed her, hook, line and sinker." He hung up the phone before offering further comment. Sacoulas described her brother as a creature of habit. She said he wore jeans, a gray T shirt and a navy sweatshirt to bed as he does every night, and she believes that is how he left the house. He wore black Nike tennis shoes, because they were gone from nike y back tank his room, she said. The siblings have lived together five months in their late father's house, she said, adding they grew close while caring for him during his illness. Her mother and husband also died recently. "It's been four days and nobody cares," said Pam Hallas, Sacoulas' friend of 20 years. "His whole life was his home and his job. "She needs to know if he's still alive or if he jumped into that water," Hallas continued. "She can't handle not knowing." Sacoulas has been in constant contact with Wal Mart's managers, who also are anxious for any news of him. Bob Ridley, a Wal nike 6.0 womens Mart manager, said yesterday he has been talking to Sacoulas every two hours, and if need be, store employees will join a search to help find Murincsak. "We all miss him and we all love him," Ridley said, adding, "He's a hard worker, and a friend to employees, associates and customers. "We're waiting around here with heavy hearts. We're all just waiting for answers." ArticlesSuicide suspected when body found at quarryChief's use of Pulaski Township fire rescue car at center of disputePolice: Man strolls state park without pantsJailed former township treasurer blames attorney for pleaNew Castle hires teachers, staffWomen accused of keeping Girl Scout cookie sales proceedsReports of doctor's retirement are prematureArmy officer from New Castle probed after pro Communism postsHoneymooners survive Hurricane Irma in St. ThomasPennsylvania funeral director arrested over corpse pictures