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´╗┐Nike players I not great, but I can at least post to either be refuted nike air max 2017 or give you some general tips. Nike is a warrior first and foremost, so that means defense and survivability take front seat. I also strongly recommend a good health item on her, at least having a few health items increases the strength of her shield tremendously, especially with your 2 active.I like Breastplate and I like Hide of the Urchin, on her. BPoV is very, very standard, and for good reason, especially if you intending to go solo in Conquest much. It defense against your common lane enemies, with mana and cooldown. Urchin is a general good early item, though it takes time to build and then stack, so be ready for a long game of it, or build it in other modes. It also a good idea with Valor, or if you plan on buying other CDR items to make BPoV less relevant.For damage, Jotunn early, like most warriors and assassins. With or without BPoV, the CDR is immense, and it has good early damage and pen plus mana to get off more abilities. After this, the sky is the limit. I tend to build at least one magic resist item and some health, plus a little more damage. She can do decent well with power and pen, attack speed, items with additional movespeed, and straight defense, as well. S4 bought some new defense items you might be interested in as Nike, such as the new Gauntlet of Thebes for health, regen, and AoE defenses. Shogun Kusari and Genji Guard are solid alternatives to the standard Bulwark (though, shield + shield OP) and both have solid MP5 regen and passives for use in various situations. Situational builds are hardly new, though.I noticed some higher level people building attack speed on her, but I not sure how well that carried over to season 4. This is basically because she only really has two abilities, one of which is her engage and escape. This basically leaves her 1 for damage, and with that and her jump down, you can see a lot of fighting still or aggressing on you. Players were and still might be picking up items like Stone Cutting Sword, Qin Sais, or Heartseeker on her to give her attacks a little more sting.You will also need to consider using your 2 for anything other than your ult. When you need to force clear a wave, you can 2 > 1 for the three hits (unless your opponent(s) routinely interrupts you, then consider skipping the Plan of Action). You may need to boost the speed of your jump for those clutch kills. And you also might occasionally need to emergency ult without your 2 for the quick turnaround or escape. In most other circumstances, you want to have Plan ready to use to add that massive shield onto your ultimate. When you get into the 3k 4k health range, the shield is stupidly huge, and all the damage it soaks is damage you and your teammates won have to worry about for a while. On the other hand, if you in a teamfight with everyone ready to go (and often an allied tank) you can save the 2 to up the number of shots on your 1 and deal that much more damage. When in doubt, stick with the huge shield.Hybrid items are nice here, because being able to not be killed at all, under any circumstances, can nike g shock shoes go quite far. but being almost killable while hitting like a truck is nice. Shifter Shield, for instance, and the Void/Runic items, Witchblade, and the like. I interested to try the new Blackthorn Hammer on her, as it may j lin nike shoes help with the "Tyr effect" of helping her get out when she just about had it, or turn around a fight with the clutch combos.