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´╗┐Seattle Seahawks NFL News Seattle Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman and his mother, Beverly, star alongside some of Seattle's biggest fans nike air max plus in the latest Campbell's Soup commercial, "Copter Caper," released Monday. In the ad, Beverly and a group of Seahawks fans pick Sherman up from a workout, via helicopter, and take him home to eat some Campbell's Chunky soup. During the eventful ride home, Sherman catches a football in midair, and talks about how he couldn't have caught it by himself. The commercial contains several other "aww" worthy moments. For one, Sherman isn't hesitant to tell his mother how much he loves her or to accept a kiss on the cheek. You can watch an extended version of the ad above. Instead of actors, the commercial features real life diehard Seahawks fans referred to in the commercial as the "Legion of Superfans" who auditioned to appear in the ad. One of the nike j guard superfans, who dangles from the helicopter alongside Sherman, is Tim Froemke, otherwise known as the shirtless, painted "Seahulk," who attends just about every Seahawks game. He is referred to as "Sea Monster" in the commercial. The advertisement is just another part of Sherman's busy offseason, as he adds appearing in the commercial to being selected to appear on the cover of Madden and winning an ESPY Award for Best Breakthrough Athlete. Campbell's "Mama's Boy" campaign first ran nike quad zip backpack in 1997, starring Green Bay defensive end Reggie White. Sherman is the 19th player and first cornerback to star in the campaign, and joins Matt Hasselbeck as the only other Seahawks player to be featured in the ads.