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´╗┐Should The NBA Get Rid Of The Dunk Contest I didn't even watch the dunk contest. After watching a little bit of the Celebrity and Rising Stars games and being disappointed I didn't want to waste my time again. Jeremy Evans won the contest last night with 1 good dunk and 2 average dunks. To me it seems like the NBA should either get rid of the contest or alter it in some way. I think every possible dunk has been done already and the contest has turned into a joke. Players are overusing props and superstar players don't want to participate. The NBA should maybe look into raising the rim to 11 or 12 feet for the dunk contest to make it more interesting but then again we would have fewer interesting dunks because players would have a harder time dunking the ball. I think the answer is to retire the dunk contest. They should have one last dunk nike j fox contest and Lebron James, Blake Griffin, Dwight Howard, Wade (Maybe) nike kd 10 and all the guys who can seriously dunk and are big stars should participate and when its done retire it for good with a video tribute to all the great dunk contests of the past. While they're at it they should also get rid of the celebrity game. I saw the last quarter of the game and the only reason I kept watching was because it was very awkward. They had Chris Mullin, Tim Hardaway and Mitch Ritchmond playing nike roshe two (former stars of the Golden State Warriors) and they couldn't hit a shot, they couldn't run it was embarrassing. John Barry, one of the commentators was seriously frustrated he couldn't wait until the whole thing was over and it was obvious. Comedian Kevin Hart was trying too hard to be funny and I was put off by it. I mean if the game brings in good TV ratings then keep it by all means but if it doesn't its time to move on or at least bring in former players that are still playing somewhere not 45 year old players. This would have been a good game for Allen Iverson to show that he still has it and he could've played against former NBA players that are playing in the D League like Antonio Daniels or Antoine Walker. I know the best thing the NBA can do is have one last dunk contest with 4 or 5 superstar players and then retire it. It's time to move on. I don't think anybody liked this last dunk contest and I know this because of the basketball blogs I follow. I didn't even watch it because I knew what was coming. David Stern listen to your fans.