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Area boys cross country team and runner of the year ALL STAR STUFF: Last year, Micah Pratt took a trip to out west. While getting in a workout in the vast expanses, he decided to run up a daunting mountain in the distance. But he needed a little motivation first. So the Lynchburg native imagined the mountain taunting him, laughing and telling him he couldn conquer it. I said, going to run to the top of you and put it in your face! Pratt recalled. He eventually reached the top. That story is indicative of Pratt athletic prowess and his innate desire to be the best, to conquer every obstacle and never give up. Air Force Auxiliary, seems to know no limits. It all or nothing at all. I going to hike a mountain, he said, want to climb the highest one. But I learned a lot of lessons through the struggle. I had respiratory issues and allergies. On a scale of one to four, I'm a four. Basically, I'm allergic to all the grass and some trees [in Virginia]. I broke a rib last January. So with the allergies, I had a lot of congestion in my lungs but I couldn't cough it up and with the muscle imbalance it caused more pressure around the lungs. The season was not in my control, but it was tough." A: "I wasn't expecting that. I was on cloud nine. I couldn't believe it and then the respiratory problems started. But [being ranked] was amazing. If something's going to get you out the door and make you train more, that's it." Q: What's it like being a home schooled athlete? A: "I was home schooled since Day 1. My first time in a class nike vapor untouchable pro was a [official] visit to Harvard and I sat in on an anthropology class. My mother was always very hands off with education. She'd say, 'Here's a book, learn it.' It was our responsibility to teach ourselves, learn the material and take tests. I'm not a typical anything when it comes to school." Q: You aren't allowed to run in VHSL sanctioned events so how does that change your exposure? A: "That's something, actually to nike 180 air be honest, that I struggled with a lot when I was a freshman and sophomore, why the VHSL wouldn't let us run in their events. That's really when I started realizing I'm not going to be running in a lot of Virginia events. . It's been tough realizing that if you're home schooled you're not going to have the same opportunities. What it comes down to is making the most of the opportunities you do have." Q: The Patriot Pacers have some talented boys and girls runners. How was that team assembled? A: "We're not a normal team. I think we're setting a legacy for home school, because it's growing all across the country. We don't have our own track. [Coach] Jake Reed did something amazing: He took a bunch of home schoolers who didn't really know what they were doing and made them into national qualifiers. I'm proud to be a part of it." Q: What was the highlight of your season? A: "There were two things that really stood out. [At the Footlocker South Regional Championship] they gave me the microphone and asked me to speak. And I had a feeling I wasn't going to qualify [for national meet]. But win or lose, my purpose in running is to use the body that God gave me to bring Him glory. The second highlight was our team banquet, [where he received team's Most Valuable Player award]." Q: What led to your decision to run at William Mary next season? A: "It all started my junior year when I went to San Diego for Cross Country Nationals. I sat down with my coaches and started narrowing it down. It came down to five: Notre Dame, Harvard, Northern Arizona, University of Colorado and, surprisingly, [William Mary head men's coach] Chris Solinsky called. He's new there and he's a legend [on the running scene]. If he coaches me the way he recruited me, I'll be the best athlete on the planet." Q: What are your hopes for college? A: "I'm there to build a national caliber team over the next four years. I was very open with coach Solinsky about that. I told him, 'I may not be the fastest athlete you ever coach but I will be the best athlete you ever coach, I promise you that. I will sleep well I will train well. I will eat well and recover well. I will do everything to be the best athlete you've ever had.'" Q: What did you learn from your senior season? A: "The little things become the big things and then the big nike shoes wholesale things kind of define your season." Q: Do you know what you'll major in? A: "It's a mouthful. Right now, I'm intending to major in kinesiology and health science with a concentration in pre med and minor in either chemistry or physics. I'm considering being a trauma or orthopedic surgeon." Q: Do you have a favorite place to run in Lynchburg? A: "Definitely Candlers Mountain. That's my mountain. I have my own path. It's really beautiful. It's about an hour long loop going at my pace."YEAR: 19th ALL STAR STUFF: Once again, Smith led the Colonels to an impressive finish at states. Altavista placed third at both the Region 1A East and 1A state championships. Three Altavista boys , Oshea Nowlin and Kevin Yang posted top 25 state finishes on the Great Meadows course at The Plains. Smith also guided the Colonels to a second place finish at the Conference 44 meet in New Market.