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´╗┐Relationship issues with running back Marshawn Lynch stem from contract dispute Appearing in his Monday morning, Carroll was surprisingly candid about his relationship with Lynch. "We're working through it," Carroll said, calling Lynch "a very unique, special person." Carroll wasn't specifically asked about Lynch's contract holdout, which caused the running back to miss a week of training camp in July while angling for a better deal, but Carroll identified those money issues as the root of a problem between the coach and his star player. "I think it still goes back to summertime, and talking about the contract and stuff like that," Carroll said. "Not everything works out exactly the way you want it." The team signed Lynch to four year, $31 million extension in 2012, making him one of the first players to receive a long term deal under Carroll and GM John Schneider. But Lynch wanted more up front money after helping lead the team to a Super Bowl win in February. And while the Seahawks publicly stated their intentions to make the 28 year old honor the terms of his deal, they eventually relented, reworking the contract to give him $1.5 million more in guaranteed money this season. "We will do everything we can to keep our guys with us," Carroll said. "Marshawn was the first guy that we turned to way back then because he deserved it, he had earned it. He had been the guy that had shown that special quality and those leadership, the makeup that we cherish so much the competitiveness and all of that. "Years later and the contract, you look at it and, well, it's not quite the same deal. So, we had plenty of conversations about that in the summertime and he made his decisions to stay out, and we respected that, too. "Do I think nike water shoes I'll be gone after this season? I don't know, man," Lynch said."The Seahawks, their front office gets in the media; they talk a lot. I don't talk too much. I just play the game. If they have something going on, I don't know about it." Lynch had another monster efort for the Hawks on Sunday in Kansas City, running the ball 24 times for 124 yards, giving him 264 over the last two games. He struggled with various injuries during Sunday's loss and elected to stay on the field during halftime to receive treatment on the sidelines rather than go to the locker room with the rest of his coaches and teammates. Some observers, including Silver, took that as a sign of a growing chasm between Lynch and the rest of the Seattle organization. But Carroll said it was simply a decision based on the running back's health. "He's banged up. He's just flat banged up," Carroll said. "He's being a stud getting through it, he's doing everything he can to get right. He felt like getting stretched out, staying there was the best thing for him at halftime. We're trying to listen to him listen to his body, and we're going to try and go with that as much as we can." On Monday, Carroll praised Lynch for coming into the season in great shape and for playing perhaps the best football of his career, something Carroll has echoed since Lynch returned training camp in the summer. He added that the Seahawks will be relying on "Beast Mode" during a six game stretch run that will in many ways define their season after a 6 4 start. "He's given us nike shoes gold and black everything he's got, and we're working through it, and that's where that is right now," Carroll said. "This football team is determined to do well, and we still have a lot out there. This is a tremendous finish opportunity, and Marshawn, hopefully if he can get back again this week. He'll be right in the middle of it with us." After the world was introduced to his affinity for Skittles, Lynch wore Skittles shoes for a game against the San Francisco 49ers on Dec. 24, 2011, in Seattle. Certainly it was worth the fine he paid under the NFL uniform policy. As the story goes, Lynch mother used to give him a bag of Skittles to eat during his childhood games, and the habit stuck. 7, 2010, in Seattle. Near the end of the first quarter, with the Hawks already down 21 0, Lynch took a handoff and powered into the line, where he was met by a mass of New York jerseys. But Beast Mode just wouldn go down, somehow staying on his feet and with him 7 yards across the first down line. Seattle lost the game 41 7, but Lynch run was the definition of "Beast Mode."catfish! Seahawks were backed up to their 2 yard line on first and 17, in the first half of what would become a come from behind, overtime win Sept. 29, 2013, in Houston. Lynch got the handoff and proceeded to break tackle after tackle as he powered up the right sideline for 43 yards, inspiring a new catchphrase for Hawks radio announcer Steve Raible: "Holy catfish!" Here the full call from Raible: "(Wilson is) gonna hand it off to Lynch, who looks for some running room. He breaks free across the 10, 15 cuts outside 20 chased from behind. Still on his feet! Thirty, 35 still going 40 still going 45! Holy catfish, what a run!"In the third quarter of Seattle 34 22 dismantling of the Arizona Cardinals on "Thursday Night Football" Oct. 17, 2013, Lynch was spotted on national television raising one finger toward his own sideline. We don know exactly what Beast Mode might have been angry about, but it was probably because he didn get the ball on third and goal from the 1 yard line. Facing the defending champion Saints in a wild card playoff Jan. 8, 2011, the 7 9 Seahawks mounted an incredible upset on the legs of Marshawn Lynch. With 3:22 left in the game, he took a handoff 67 yards downfield, breaking nine tackles including a stiff arm on New Orleans cornerback Tracy Porter on his way to the end zone. The CenturyLink Field crowd cheered so hard the celebration registered on a nearby seismograph, and the famous run has become known as the "Beast Quake."that action, boss Lynch didn talk much at Super Bowl Media Day, but he did nike outlet mall a relaxed interview with Deion Sanders for the NFL Network. When Sanders asked why he considered skipping the Jan. When Sanders asked . more