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´╗┐Health And Human Performance Physical Activity Measuring Devices Physical activity measurement techniques have been around for over 500 years and with all the improvements that have been nike baseball cleats made there is still no perfect device for measuring. All of the devices offer different benefits to monitoring physical activity. The four main areas that are important to consider when observing physical activity are intensity, duration, type, and frequency of the activity. Some of the most reliable and valid forms of measurement do not measure all four aspects. The pedometer, heart rate monitor, accelerometer, and diary are a few of the most common forms of measurement. Below is some information about each of these measurements and what the benefits to each are. Accelerometers are devices that measure calories burned in physical movement. Accelerometers are based on the assumption that acceleration is directly proportional to the muscular forces. They may measure acceleration in one ore three planes. Accelerometers are light weight, they do not limit activity, they measure frequency, intensity, and time, and they do not interfere with activity. In contrast, they are expensive, unsuitable for aquatic activities; they do not measure activity that is static or activity where the center of gravity is stationary. In addition they are difficult to analyze. Accelerometers have been proven to be useful in all age groups including preschool children. The Nike and iPod Sports Kit The Nike and iPod Sports Kit is a special device which measures and records the distance and pace of a walk or run. The Nike and iPod Kit consists of a small accelerometer attached to or embedded in a shoe, which communicates with a receiver plugged into an iPod nano. How It Works A sensitive piezoelectric accelerometer monitors your foot strike when you walk or run and determines the amount of time your foot spent on the ground. A pedometer senses your body motion and records the footsteps nike x pigalle on the LCD screen. You can wear a pedometer all day, every day and record total steps. It is best to use pedometers when walking because if used to count any other exercise, it might not be as accurate. Why should a person that it is just getting started exercising use the pedometer? It light weight Provides instant results to the person using nike 2017 shoes the pedometer, which can also be motivation! can range in price anywhere from under $1 to over $500. The more expensive pedometers include software so that graphs can be printed out of the person results. The most commonly used pedometers are the Yamax Digi Walker SW 701 and 200, New Lifestyles NL 2000 (around $50 without software), Sportline 330, and the Kenz Lifecorder (around $60 without software). These have been tested and proven to be very accurate and leaves less room for error. Heart Rate Monitors Heart rate monitors are motion sensors that use heart rate to estimate energy expenditure. They can provide information on the intensity, frequency, and duration of physical activity. It is best to use them during slow speeds of exercise (generally 3 or 4 miles per hour) because they are not as accurate at higher speeds of exercise. They are best to use during long distance running when a maintaining a certain heart rate is the goal. There are three main methods for detecting the heart rate: the chest strap, the ear clip device, and the hand held device. Of the three, the chest straps are most common. These devices cost anywhere from 40 to 700 dollars. Polar Accurex II Ear clip devices like the Cateye PL 6000 are among the top in reliability, but are not as common as chest strap devices. Chest straps are the most reliable and most often used method for receiving heart rate information. Physical Activity Diary Physical Activity Diaries are records of daily activity. In this diary you can record daily physical activity including how many minutes are spent on a particular activity and what activity is being conducted. People are more conscious of what they are doing during the day when they see it on paper and it motivates people to want to increase physical activity. Also a physical activity diary is useful because people can go back and see how much time they have spent on physical activity a day and also throughout a week. It is proven that keeping a physical activity diary helps when it comes to losing weight, time management, and awareness of physical activity. Physical Activity Diaries can be used by anyone and are easily accessible. You can either make one or find one on the internet and print it off. It can be easily recorded by keeping it in a place you will always find accessible like the refrigerator.