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The lure of cowboy boots There's something about the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo that makes you want to walk the walk. I bought boots last week. They weren't my first pair, but they are the first ones I chose to wear. My first boots would probably be antiques if they could be found. I don't remember them, but I have seen old photos of little Lana outfitted in a black and red cowboy suit nike elite socks and boots. However being on the rodeo beat this year, made me want boots. So I took my tennis shoed feet into Cavender's. As I suspected, women's sizes for most styles start at Size 6. My feet stopped growing around Size 5. I had to decide if I want boots bad enough to shop in the kids department. It was a cowboy up moment. I ambled over to the rows of kids boots. The store was mostly empty and it was self service, so I tried on a boot. Then another. Then another. A sales clerk who was around 20 years old stopped by and said: "You're shopping in the kids?" "We're going to have to get you some growing pills," he said. (When I told this story, I gave the guy an exaggerated drawl, but I may have imagined nike off white his accent.) Rather than saying, "Slim, my feet stopped growing before you were born," I just nodded again. I picked a non flashy brown pair and wore them one day last week. I felt like a poser but quickly got into the drop heel walk. They were comfortable, but I didn't get used nike training shoes to the top part of the boot flapping against my leg. Guess I should have worn higher socks. The other days I reverted to my old Nike stompers. They are so broken in that I'm afraid they are starting to break down. The Nikes also have waffle soles. A big advantage of boots are the smooth soles, which makes it easier to scrape crud off the bottom. That comes in handy at the watch where you step rodeo.