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´╗┐Learning again about life's heroes This column is a place where I write about and celebrate sport and sometimes things that are perhaps only tangentially related to sport. But this column really is a place to write about people and through their sports, we learn things about who they are, who we are, and a little bit about life. We learned about more about life late on Thursday and we learned about it through the context of sport. Woodrow Wilson Middle School boys basketball team recently completed a wonderful 13 1 regular season. Coach John Geary, a teacher teacher, was hosting a pizza party for his boys team and the Wilson girls team Thursday. Teams are special. Kids bond in ways non athletes will never quite understand. When a teammate says he loves his/her teammates, the kid means it. Love is a word that gets tossed around much too frequently. I often say I love the Yankees. But I really don I enjoy them, even when they make me angry, which is often. Sport often is an escape from the trials of the real world. But make no mistake, a team is a world unto itself, populated by a few, who bond together for common cause, a group of kids or adults who must work together to achieve victory. They love each other. That why you see adults jump all over themselves like little kids when they win a championship or a hotly contested game. So it is in the world of a middle school team, too. And when the unthinkable happens, like it did with the unimaginable horror of the collapse and death of young Jose Trinidad a member of the Wilson basketball program during the teams celebratory party, a world gets torn apart. There is nothing I can write here that will help the Trinidad family in their grief at losing their child. I know. I been there. They can likely not believe this now, but there will be better days. Those days will always be different. Their lives will never be the same. But there will be better days. The lives of the kids who played on this team, their heroic coach who tried to resuscitate Jose, will forever be changed. Coach Geary found himself in a place where he never thought he would be, in a life saving role for one of his charges. That the young Mr. Trinidad did not survive doesn lessen the heroism of coach/teacher Geary who did all he could to save a kid his kid life. But teachers like John Geary, countless teachers across this land, work to save lives every day. That is the calling of a teacher. Every day, in every nike 7 challenger short class, with every lesson, theirs is life saving work. Geary said he was very proud of the leader Jose Trinidad had become. He meant it. Kids may not remember the Pythagorean Theorem or the exact dates of the Civil War, but they remember the special things their coach/teacher did for them. The Woodrow Wilson players who were in the room that day and witnessed the horror of their friend death, will remember that afternoon forever. They will remember what a good kid Jose Trinidad was. They will remember the heroic efforts of John Geary to save him, they will remember with recurring sadness all of that. They will also remember the outpouring of love from Superintendent Pat Charles, Wilson Principal Cheryl Gonzalez and Director of Athletics Elisha De Jesus, whose speech preceding a moment of silence at the LaBella Sullivan Gym Friday night in front of full house was graceful, appropriate and touching. In a few words, her eloquence soared above the rafters of the gym, and the moment of silence was church quiet and profound. The Wilson players all of whom were guests of MHS at this game will also remember the brilliance of MHS student Nia West rendition of the National Anthem. She sang with her eyes closed and she caused the big crowd to break into roaring applause well before she finished. I had goose bumps and I wasn alone. Out of the horror of a child death, people emerged who were nothing less than heroes. Everyday people like teachers, coaches, moms and dads, teammates and classmates showing once again the essential goodness of humanity. May young Jose Trinidad rest in peace. We in the middle of the girls league basketball playoffs and the boys league playoffs begin later this week. Let me be clear: I don like them. Teams have just finished nike t90 shoes or are just finishing their regular seasons. Over the course of three months and 20 games teams have proved themselves. Why aside from making money do the kids have to do it again? I don need to have CCC playoffs to tell me that Windsor, Newington, Weaver, East Catholic, Middletown or Northwest Catholic are really good teams. I don need the SCC playoffs to tell me that Fairfield Prep, Hillhouse, Wilbur Cross, Notre Dame, Hamden and Xavier are really good teams. And whichever wins the league playoffs doesn tell me much more than I already know. My ballot in the New Haven Register/GameTimeCT poll won change much regardless of how these frenetic, less than a week playoffs come out. The regular season told me enough. Let go on to the state tournament. I need league playoffs to tell me that Mercy is the best team in the SCC? Please. I need a league tourney to tell me that Cromwell is the best girls team in the SLC? Another please. My opinion will not change based on a single league playoff game. Just. Won Change. The CCC soccer coaches were smart. They called off the CCC soccer playoffs. Good for them. It gives the kids an opportunity to get ready for the big show, the state tournament. The basketball gurus should do the same. Get rid of the league playoffs. Give the regular season a couple of more days to run, get kids a little rest, then get the state tourney over by the second weekend in March, not the first days of spring. You get a key player hurt in these silly league playoffs and suddenly the chances for a state title evaporate. You would think adults would think about that. The atmosphere at the Middletown vs. Maloney game was flat out the best I seen this year. The Middletown High student section was in full cry and the game was fabulous as Maloney which regards Middletown as its biggest rival next to Platt played its socks off. The game showed that nothing nike outlet orange can be taken for granted in the CCC as even middle of the road teams like Maloney can play.