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´╗┐Practicing With Your Son Your son or daughter wants to play on a basketball team this season. You would like to help her/him to havea successful season. What can you do to help your son or daughter to improve his/her basketball skills? This article takes the basketball basics and applies these to your daughter/son's improvement in basketball. Please start with a brisk pass catch back and forth. Being able to catch the basketball consistently and pivot way from the defender is a crucial basketball skill, no matter what the basketball offense. Please practice different passes with your daughter/son. As your son/daughter handles various passes, his/her confidence builds and can transfer to game situations. Then, it is good to do these passes on the move. Encourage your son/daughter to move to open spaces on the basketball court to receive passes, pivot toward the basket, and get ready for makeable shots. This is enjoyable to most players: to practice shots that they would like to get in games. Repetitions of shots from those spots build shooting accuracy. Keeping tally of how many shots made becomes an effective incentive. Then it is good to train your daughter/son to follow all shots that are taken. Even the best shooters younger the college level miss 50% or more of their shots. nike presto extreme Following all shots taken gives your son/daughter many opprtunities for more makeable shots. Following his/her own shots is even better because she/he can often anticipate where the missed shot will go. As your son/daughter follows all shots taken in practice, it becomes a good habit that he/she will do in games. She/he can become an offensive rebounding whiz and help her/his team immensely! Then it is important to put a priority on defense. Please have your son/daughter toss the basketball to you from arm's length distance and then play defense on what you do. Please present different offensive moves against which he/she must defend effectively. Holding the opponent to a low score is one of nike y sizes the basketball basics which leads to winning games. When your son/daughter is determined to stop you from scoring, he/she is becoming an outstanding basketball player. You can give him/her feedback on how he/she is positioning defensively, reacting to what you do, and contesting your shot. By going through practices like the above with your daughter/son, you are emphasizing the basketball basics that matter. Catching the basketball consistently, moving constantly and with purpose around the basketball court, taking and making makeable shots, and defending with determination to stop the opponent are nike 5.0 free the basketball basics which will bring your son/daughter much basketball success this season and beyond.