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´╗┐Becoming Ready For Tomorrow's Business World Incredibly figures estimated represents, mobile smart phones users are increasing from 1.5 billion in 2014 to 2.5 billion users within 2019 across the globe (Statista, 2016 Kissonergis,2015). An estimated 5 million mobile apps were available for downloaded within June 2016 (Statista,2016). Gamification integrates gaming design allowing users a sense of "motivation, engagement, achievement and status" (badgeville, 2016, Edwards. et al, 2016, Strohmeyer, 2013). "Gamification global market will grow to $11.1 billion by 2020" (Technologyadvice,2016). However, Gartner emphasises in "2014 that 80% of all gamified apps will fail analysts predict (Lunden, 2012). This blog identifies various mobile business appsfor review. In order to suggest how gamification could improve the user experiences! Lastly,academic literature will be used to provide a deeper depth of knowledge. Source: (Domino Pizza UK,2011) Domino Pizza has created a very useful and professional mobile app and is free to download. The brand colours throughout provides displays professionalism. The app functions include; nearest store, menu, orders, meal deals, contact us, legal information and connect to Xbox One. Therefore, providing relevant information that is accurate and concise. Gamification provides benefits such as: "enhancing brand awareness and loyalty, innovation, and online user engagement" (Kankanhalli et. al, 2012). Dominos could gamify their mobile app by having badges collected for the pizza purchased by customer to gain discounts and rewards. Therefore, offering customer recognition and financial rewards creates customer added value. Furthermore, personalised targeted email rewards for Christmas, Black Friday, Cyber week, Easter and Birthdays. That are tailored to the type of films the customer watch to increase brand loyalty and consumer engagement. Lessons: Pitfalls of bad gamification Game rules are poorly designed (Graham,2013) Reward such as badges and accomplishments are not motivating. However, these figures should have been overall global figures to provide a realistic impact from the Starbuck rewards app. Customers gain convenience, time saved by ordering directly from the app. Starbucks rewards app increases customer brand loyalty and engagement by offering nike yoga pants rewards such as, free refills and free drinks. This makes the experience enjoyable and provides real financial rewards by savings made. I particularly like the free reward for a customer birthday. Making the whole experience personalised and making the customer feel special. Source: (Hofacker, et. al,2016) Source: (Dale, 2014) Figure 1 Illustrates the many different components necessary for an organisation nike 24 to meet the many marketing outcomes, outlined above through gamification leading to marketing outcomes (Hofacker et al,2016). The framework is quite useful as, one can break down components in order to create a mobile gamified app business plan. However, the framework should address consumer's goals aligned to business objectives, which it fails to do so. Furthermore, the gamification elements could be improved by having real business case examples to show the framework can be used. Figure 2 Reflects on ways gamification can socially engage individuals (Dale,2014). This is simple and easy to understand by images. Reflecting on different user experiences. However, one could suggest both frameworks could be improved. Organisations should consider both frameworksas they bothplay a significant importance to the user end experience. To conclude gamification is a brilliant and powerful tool that enables organisations, too "enhances loyalty, customer engagement and motivation" (Ivo Jan, 2013, Gabe Christopher,2011). Gamification mobile apps provide a memorable and fun experience. Overall, gamification mobile app strategy enables organisations to ways to customer engagement and boost sales (Rodrigues, et, al., 2016). However, organisations should also consider the pitfalls of gamification to avoid. Badgeville. (2016) Gamification. [Online] Available at: [Accessed 23rd nike shoes girls December 2016]. Blair, B. (2014), "Befriend the trend: gaming goes to work", Finweek, January 30, pp. 31, Issue. 2, pp.82 90. Domino's Pizza UK. (2011) Domino iPhone and Android pizza ordering app. Edwards EA, Lumsden J, Rivas C, Steed L, Edwards L, Thiyagarajan A, Sohanpal R, Caton H and Walton R (2016). 'Gamification' for Health Behaviour Change in Smartphone Apps". Gabe Zichermann Christopher Cunningham, (2011) Gamification by Design: Implementing Game Mechanics in Web and Mobile Apps, O Media, Sebastopol, CA Graham, C. (2013) 5 Reasons Gamification Projects Fail. [Online] Available at: [Accessed 27th December 2016].